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CBC Music's Searchlight seeks best new artist

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SearchlightCBC Music's new contest seeks Canada's best new artist. (CBC)

Whether performing rock, hip hop, jazz or klezmer, aspiring musicians can have a tough time being heard in today's crowded musical landscape. Enter the latest initiative from our friends at CBC Music: a contest giving unknown Canadian artists a chance in the spotlight.

Searchlight is billed as a hunt for Canada's best new artist -- of any musical genre -- and it officially launches today.

In the coming weeks, the Idol-style competition will pit artists who compose and perform original music against each other in regional battles across the country.

Naturally, public interaction is key to any artist's popularity and audience participation is absolutely necessary in this case. The great citizens of Canada will vote on who moves on at each stage.

A national-level showdown will follow, with the eventual winner scoring a sweet haul that includes $20,000 worth of music gear, a recording session as well as a headlining live gig in Toronto.

Check out all the entry details here.

Who will reign supreme as Canada's next great musical act? We're all ears.

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