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Last holdouts AC/DC now on iTunes

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AC/DC, the classic Australian rockers who have somehow survived since 1973, have given in to the inevitable and allowed their music on iTunes. Other hold-outs in the digital world, such as The Beatles and Kid Rock, gave way before them.

AC/DC, whose Angus Young still wears his school uniform on stage (shorts and all), have a channel on satellite radio and experimented with selling their Black Ice album only through Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. But with a new album, Live at River Plate, due to come out later this month, they've accepted that iTunes is the way to reach a young generation who have always embraced them. Live at River Plate will be their first live album in 20 years.

The band says it has digitally remastered 16 of its existing studio albums, including High Voltage and the bestselling Back in Black.

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