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The cure for Game of Thrones withdrawal

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"Hello my name is Sian and I'm a Game-of-Thrones-aholic."

It started innocently enough with Season One. I watched the first two episodes and then I was hooked. By the time the series had finished I started reading the first book. Books two, three, four and five followed in rapid succession. I was a citizen of Westeros.

 Tyrion - the best dinner guest. (HBO Canada)

My garden suffered as a result. I could barely put the books down for long enough to weed. The weeds and the flowers grew to startling proportions. Hence I took to calling it the weirwood. My cats became direwolves, bravely protecting the backyard against unwanted predators and white walkers.

Fortunately, I discovered other people with the same affliction. For those people who remained uninitiated, I tried my best to get them hooked too. It became a part of everyday conversation in the CBC Arts Unit. This is what our conversations began to sound like.

"Which world leader most closely resembles Joffrey?"

Closely followed by "Who's the better mother: Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister or Catelyn Stark?"

And the ever popular "Which character would be the best dinner party guest?" (Tyrion hands down)

Now I must admit to misgivings, because after Season Two finished, withdrawal set in.

I don't have the shakes yet. But I do have uncontrollable cravings for all things Westeros. And I'm not sure how long I can wait for the sixth book. The last one took George R.R. Martin more than five years to write.

But there is light at the end of the addict's tunnel. It's called A Feast of Ice and Fire, The Official Companion Cookbook. If I can't see another instalment of Game of Thrones, I can at least eat like the cast.

So if you get a dinner invitation to my place this prepared for a Tourney Feast at King's Landing. And after dinner, as we sip Tyroshi Pear Brandy and nibble on lemon cakes, be prepared. Be prepared to debate Jon Snow's parentage or shed some light on the Hound's future. Let me know how you're controlling your own addiction to stories of the Seven Kingdoms.

And most of all remember, Season Three is coming.

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