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Young cancer patients enchant with Stronger lip dub

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Lip dubs are nothing new, but a fan-made production starring a feisty group of cancer-stricken kids, family members and nurses has attracted a high-profile fan: pop star Kelly Clarkson.

A spunky troupe from the hematology oncology floor of Seattle Children's Hospital sing, dance and strut in the new viral video set to the chart-topping Texan's latest pop anthem, Stronger.

The uplifting video was the brainchild of 22-year-old leukemia patient Chris Rumble, a self-described "big brother" to other youngsters at the hospital.

Posted on May 6, the video has -- as of midday Monday -- racked up nearly 1.6 million views on YouTube. It also made it onto Clarkson's radar.

"It made my day. I know it's making everybody else's day online," Clarkson told the Seattle group in a message posted online Friday. "I just can't wait to meet you."

The video brings a different interpretation and touching nuance to the lyrics of Clarkson's undeniably catchy song and it's definitely a heart-warming way to kick off the week.

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