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Whitney Houston's final song Celebrate debuts

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It seems somehow fitting that Whitney Houston's final song is an upbeat and uplifting duet in which she passes the torch to a younger singer with vocal powerhouse potential.

In Celebrate -- which debuted via American Idol host and broadcaster Ryan Seacrest's website on Monday -- Houston duets with young singer Jordin Sparks (incidentally a past Idol-winner).

Produced by R. Kelly, the tune is a positive, high-energy number that showcases Sparks -- although, rest assured fans, it features some vocal flourishes from celebrated pop star Houston, too. It's from the upcoming movie Sparkle, a remake of the 1976 film about three singing siblings struggling with the pressures of fame. Houston, 48, completed her role as Sparks' mother before her shocking death in February. The film was to have been her movie world comeback after 15 years away from the screen.

The song's weekend debut came on the heels of another honour for Houston. Sparks joined singer-musician John Legend in a touching tribute to the late singer at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday. Organizers posthumously bestowed Houston with the Millennium Award, which was accepted by her family -- making it a weekend for Whitney fans to celebrate, indeed.

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