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22 Minutes' Gavin Crawford gives us two brilliant parodies

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The team at CBC's news satire series This Hour Has 22 Minutes has had yet another tremendous year, keeping up a steady stream of incisive political comedy and devastating caricatures.

Last month, I posted a tribute to Mark Critch's masterful parodies of (outgoing) Newfoundland and Labrador premier Danny Williams. Today, I'd like to praise the work of 22 Minutes castmate Gavin Crawford, who offered two astounding feats of mimicry in last night's one-hour Christmas special.

His subjects were both Canadian icons. The first, above, is fey songwriter and raconteur Rufus Wainwright. Just watch the way Crawford nails Wainwright's nervous titter and smarmy singing style.

The second is Chantal Hebert, the Toronto Star columnist and regular contributor to The National's political affairs panel. The French-Canadian commentator is known for her laconic, unaffected delivery, and Crawford captures it brilliantly.

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