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Dzama, Daughters, Dept. Of Eagles make musical MOMA magic

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Illustration by Jillian Tamaki

Winnipeg-bred artist Marcel Dzama's work is mesmerizing. Populated by furred beasties, curious birds with sharp talons, hazy ghosts and ageless humans who dress prim and proper, but have the feral bearing of changelings raised by trees, his delicate pen-and-ink (and root beer and collage) pieces feel both anachronistic and enchanted. I've often wondered what he'd do with fleshier, meatier materials.

One answer to my question can be found in the following video for a song called No One Does It Like You, by New York City-based band Department of Eagles (a delightful art-pop group connected to indie darlings Grizzly Bear). A collaboration with director Patrick Daughters (the mastermind behind Feist's iPod-tastic 1234 video), the clip premiered at the Museum of Modern Art yesterday.

Unleash the magic:

Strange masked soldiers? Muskets? A hallucinatory re-enactment of battles from the American Civil War, choreographed as though it's a scene in a Busby Berkeley musical? Singing cloud-ghosts? Sounds about right, considering the parties involved.

If you're not familiar with Department of Eagles' music, No One Does It Like You is a fantastic entry point. I particularly adore the basslines, which have the warm crackle of the low-end of old 45s played on a Stack-o-Matic record player.

--Sarah Liss

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