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Lindsay Lohan gets a leg up in the fashion world

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Actress, celebrity and now fashion designer Lindsay Lohan. (Junko Kimura/Getty Images)

When I first got wind of Lindsay Lohan’s fledgling design career several months ago, I convinced myself I could wash it from my consciousness in much the same way as Pam Ewing was able to erase an entire season of Dallas by realizing it was all a bad dream.

No such luck. This morning, I turned on the TV only to be greeted with news that Lindsay Lohan’s 6126 leggings line (oh-so-cleverly named for Marilyn Monroe’s birth date) is “selling like hotcakes.” Or “blowing off the shelves,” as a publicist for one posh Hollywood boutique told the NY Daily News. Perhaps the latter is a more fitting description, given that LiLo’s best-selling item to date is an ugly little pair of leggings called Mr. President, a style that features little leather kneepads. (Damn! If only I'd known about them before giving my mother my Christmas list!)

While I’m not entirely enchanted with the idea of Lohan as designer, I hold out far more hope for her collection than for the Mischa Barton-designed line of headbands, which seem so overpriced and wrong-headed, I refuse to take them seriously. Except as a gossip item, of course: the headbands have allegedly sparked a tiff between former friends (and Lohan gal pals) Barton and Nicole Richie.

Is it wrong to suggest we organize some kind of celebrity cage match between all three of these ladies, just to see who emerges victorious?

--Lee Ferguson

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