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CBC News at Six is now available in HD

How can I see CBC News at Six in HD?
To see it in HD, you need an HD television and a subscription to cable or satellite HD service and the associated set-top box or receiver. You will then need to tune to the CBC HD channel. You can find CBC HD in the GTA on:

hd television

Rogers channels 128 and 513
Bell Expressvu channel 802
Cogeco channel 711
Mountain channel 600
Source channel 820

Is CBC HD available over the air by antenna?
CBC HD is also available free over the air (OTA) in the Toronto area on Channel 20. If you have a new TV, it likely already has an ATSC tuner built in and can pick up the over the air signal. If you have an older TV, you may need a set-to- ATSC tuner available at consumer electronic stores. Depending on your location and your existing equipment, you may also need a new antenna.

What is HDTV?
HDTV stands for high-definition television, and it marks the biggest leap forward for television since color TV made its debut in the 1950s. HDTV images are more than twice as detailed as standard analog TV. HDTVs can display both regular or standard images and HDTV images, but they need HD sources to look their best.

Just how much sharper is HDTV than regular TV?
Analog TV - what we've been watching for more than 60 years - has a resolution that's equivalent to about 640x480 pixels. An HDTV program, on the other hand, has a resolution that tops out at 1,920x1,080 pixels, more than six times as sharp in best-case scenarios.
Find out more about high-definition television.

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CBC News at Six Toronto is now available in HD.
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