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Be Green

What are you doing for...

It started off as a small thing in Sydney Australia in 2007. This year, organizers are expecting more than a billion people in 1000 cities worldwide to get involved. Hopefully, this means you. So here's how you can find out more...
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Go to the Earth Hour website
Here you'll be able to upload video, photos, start a blog or even begin twittering . The idea is not only to join the movement, but to register your presence. The World Wildlife Fund is hoping to use your "vote" to convince world leaders and policy makers at the 2009 Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen that this is an issue you care about. Plus, hopefully, just being involved and thinking about ways to do fun stuff while limiting energy consumption will fuel such behaviour all year round.

What on earth is bleublancrouge?
bleublancrouge is a Montreal ad agency that is working with the WWF to make Earth Day special for Montrealers. I found out that they're doing this pro bono (cool!) and what's even cooler (finally someone addresses my pet peeve!): they aren't using a single promotional item that needs to be thrown away. No fliers, no pins, no T-shirts. Just creativity, the web and word of mouth.
I think I need to sit down....

Hey what's the website you can only see in the dark?
It's called Ideas in the Dark. You won't be able to see anything but the WWF logo unless you turn all your lights off. Try it. It's severely cool. The website was developed by the folks at bleublancrouge after they had one endless brainstorming session that stretched from the afternoon past sundown. As the light faded, they realized that the darkness brought a certain intimacy with it. They couldn't see each other, so they were forced to listen differently. The vibe changed. The creative juices kicked in. And they decided: Eureka! We're going to have an event called Ideas in the Dark!

Photo of Orange Orange courtesy Valerie Sangin

What is Ideas in the Dark?
It's an event that's FREE TO THE PUBLIC (this means you!). It will include:
* Art in the dark - Prominent Montreal artists creating in the dark
* Brainstorm in the dark - Prominent thinkers identifying new solutions to help the environment
* Music in the dark - The world's first flashlight-mob (and bands Orange Orange and the very funky The National Parcs)
* www.ideasinthedark.ca - The first web site that can only be read when the lights are off.

As Gaetan Namouric, Creative Director at bleublancrouge says, the idea is to get people thinking about the cool and interesting stuff that can be done in the dark. Who knows? You might find turning the lights off adds an edgy or intimate element to an otherwise boring gathering or dinner party. Maybe it would even become a party tradition!

So what can I do in the dark?
* Have dinner by candlelight
* Play spin the bottle
* Eat at O Noir! (where you get to experience what it's like being blind... while being served by visually impaired staff!)
* Don a turban and get out your tarot cards!
* Slow dance
* Make love (obviously use a condom if you're in anything but a committed monogamous relationship... or flying solo)
(hmm, I wonder if there'll be an Earth Hour baby boom in December!)
* Give your pet a massage
* Give yourself an at home aromatherapy treatment (anything that enhances your other senses will probably feel wonderful)
* Play music... unplugged
* Sing lullabies to each other (I know some wicked Hindi ones!)
* Play truth or dare (it's wilder in the dark)
* Draw a picture without being able to see
* Give a friend or lover a massage
* Communicate by tracing pictures or letters on each other's skin
* Playing games that engage other senses--tasting foods and guessing what they are... touching your friend with various objects and having them guess what they are...

So those are some of my ideas... You got any good ones you'd like to share? Are you doing something for Earth Day? Or do you think it's all a bunch of baloney?
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