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Be Green

Naturally bee-yoo-ti-ful

You know, most overambitious people practise their Oscar-acceptance speeches--or Man Booker speeches. You know what my favourite fantasy is? Get your mind out of the gutter! It's where I get famous enough that some multinational cosmetics company asks me to promote their synthetic, animal-tested product... and I tell them NO WAY JOSÉ (in somewhat more colourful language). Because anyone who would consider testing harmful chemicals on Mr. Wabbit ISN'T worth it. At least in my book.
Plus, there are so many delicious natural options out there. Here are my faves:

A natural anti-dandruff solution
Druide is a Montreal-based natural cosmetics company. I actually profiled them on an earlier segment of Be Green.
I've used lots of Druide's products. As with any line, some stuff fills up my world with colour and other stuff just leaves me cold. The product that works better than ANY other I've used for this purpose is "Dandrex". For more information about ingredients, click here. It's not a shampoo; it's a lotion. You put a few spritzes onto your palms, rub your hands together and massage the lotion into freshly washed hair and scalp. It literally soothes any itching in seconds, isn't oily and smells pleasantly earthy. I LOVE IT! And despite frequent use, the bottle lasts forever. If your scalp is as fed up with winter as mine is, this is an excellent product to try.
Cost: $11
Where to buy: You could buy it online at Druide or at many health stores in the city. Just call and ask ahead because I've noticed that not all stores stock the full line of products.

My new favourite body lotion

This is Rotem Ayalon's homemade baby lotion recipe. She shared it with me when I did this piece with her and her daughter, Dahlia. Just click on the link for the full recipe. This stuff is dee-lish and customizable (you can decide what it smells like by varying the essential oils you use). It's also surprisingly non-greasy.

Don't feel like making your own? Check out HoneyFlower's scrumptious Cocoa Creme Body Butter. Mmm, edible. I like my body butters rich. I've also found that you can stretch your bottle of bliss with a little coconut oil and shea butter. Dessert's on you. Literally!
Cost: $16

Wash your troubles away

Savon d'Alep or Aleppo soap is one of the purest soaps out there. It has its origins in a little corner of Syria and the recipe for it has remained unchanged for centuries. It is made exclusively of olive oil, laurel sweet bay oil, sodium hydroxide and water. That's it. For more information on how it's processed, check out this link.
Aleppo soap is amazing for camping because you can use it to wash your body and hair, clothing AND dishes! It's basically pure soap, so anything soap can do... Because of the high content of olive and laurel sweet bay oils, it also tends to be excellent for sensitive skin (although nothing is ever certain for everyone. Do a patch test!). Another advantage of this soap is that it's often sold sans packaging. So no waste. And that 250g block will last a looong time. As one friend put it: you'll be sick of it before you run out.
Cost: $6.99
Where to buy: I've bought this stuff at Dans Ta Bulle (316 Mont-Royal Ave. (west of St. Denis) 514-842-3019) but I've heard it's sold at Renaud Bray and some health food stores.

And for the woman who has everything...

Everything Balm!. This is a made-in-Toronto product that's all natural and incredible for everything from cracked heels and rosacea to athlete's food and burns. I found it via my network of knitting buddies and from the Yarnharlot's blog (woman's a comic--not to mention knitting--genius!) I swear by this product. It must be ordered online, but the tub lasts literally forever. I keep mine at work and all my colleagues love the way the room lights up when I pop open the pot.
Cost: $6 for 2oz and $20 for 8oz

So these are a few of my favourite things. I wanna know about yours. Leave me a comment or call the Talkback Line: (514) 597-5626

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Clio Forsyth Morrissette


Hi Geeta, love the blog!

I was just reading this and thought I'd tell you about my favourite eco soap... the DeLaPointe shea butter products are a dream! My pick is the shea lavander soap, leaves your skin so soft, I even use it to wash my face... find their products here www.karitedelapointe.com

Geeta says: Sounds delicious! Shea butter and lavendar have got to be two of my favourite natural-product ingredients.

Posted March 5, 2009 02:13 PM

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