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Entre Mamans

Image courtesy organicbabystyle.com
Becoming a parent is probably the single biggest challenge you'll ever face in your life. No matter what you do for work or as a volunteer, almost nothing compares to making and nurturing a new life. And it can turn EVERYTHING on its head: your sense of who you are and what you do, your place in the world and in relation to your partner and your sense of how you even fit into your own body.
So here's help:
Entre Mamans is a non-profit organization that's been helping the parents of young children since 1982. The take a holistic approach to parenting, believing that happy and well adjusted families are in a better position to make sustainable decisions for themselves and the planet.
Entre Mamans will help you save both money and the planet. But the organization also needs your help. Read on to find out what you can do.

Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

What Entre Maman can do for you:

* Free baby clothes: Entre Maman charges a $10 annual membership fee ($3 if you're a mum under 19). Once you're a member, you can come in and borrow a prescribed number of clothes that fit your baby. When your baby outgrows them, you're encouraged to bring them back and swap them for the next size up.

* Classes: Mums (and Dads) can take classes on everything from being a herborist (learning the medicinal properties of plants in order to make your own natural remedies), cooking, breastfeeding, diapering and more.

* Babysitting services:
Mums with tiny infants can mosey down to Entre Mamans and get a break from baby while they chat with other women (and men) in the same situation.

* Social intercourse:
This is the part that new mums find the hardest: they often go from being highly social, busy, active women to stay-at-home-all-the-time baby-nurturing machines. This can be a little hard. So Entre Mamans offers an infant-friendly environment (and those baby sitting services) so mums can get out and hobnob with other adults. Also, because most of the 500 members come from various backgrounds and have a wide range of experience both as parents and in other aspects of their lives, the "cafe rancontre" becomes a rich forum to discuss the challenges and thrills of bringing up a child.

* Multilingual services: Although not everything is offered in all languages, many services are offered in French, English, Italian, Arabic and Spanish.

* Therapy: The profound changes that affect couples and their sexuality after a newborn are often swept under the rug. Entre Mamans offer sex and couples' therapy. And for all the things you'd rather not talk about, there's an art therapist. Fees are very reasonable and seldom above $30 a session. (Call ahead because they may not be offered in your language of choice).

* Domestic assistance: If you're a mum with special needs, Entre Mamans can provide select services including home visits.

Entre Mamans contact info
Regroupement Entre-Mamans
3363, rue de Rouen #1 (corner Rue Darling... really!)
Phone: (514) 525-8884
Fax : (514) 525-1080

What you can do for Entre Mamans
This is a non-profit organization, folks, so they really need your help. Cash is always welcome, but the best part is that if you're a parent, they're happy to take the stuff that you're done with! It's that simple.
Here's what to give:
* Diapers (washable and otherwise)
* Baby bottles, soothers, etc
* Baby formula and cereal
* Maternity clothes
* Clothes for kids 0-8 years
* Baby accessories like strollers, high chairs, saucers, baths, etc
* Toys in good condition

If you're a parent (or are considering it), I want to know: what is your biggest challenge when it comes to raising an eco-friendly family? Perhaps together we can find solutions! Leave me a comment or call our Talkback Line. The number's (514) 597-5626

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