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Be Green

Save some green (while you go the distance)

Everyone knows about the "eco premium". It's that little bit extra you often have to pay when you buy a product that's been ethically and sustainably produced. It's only fair, because the price reflects the real cost of production (responsible sourcing and disposal, fair wages, etc). But it adds up quickly.
So what if I told you that one Montreal couple has found a way to give you the best of both worlds? Fair trade, organic, ethical and eco-friendly WITH bargain basement prices?

Here's what it is:
The Guide Rabais Conscience Verte or Green Consciousness Rebate Guide is a great way to discover the sustainable side of Montreal. It's basically a bilingual book full of rebate coupons (the kind you get instant rebates with, not the mail-in kind thank goodness!). The idea is to bring together a whole bunch of ethical and eco-conscious companies, put them all in one book so folks can have easy access. What's in it for you? Oh, only about $3000 worth of savings if you use all the coupons. Did I mention that the book only costs $20 tax in?

How it works:

You basically read what the coupon says, bring it in with you and then exchange it for the product or service promised. C'est tout. For the companies involved, it's great advertising at low cost (I can totally attest to this: since getting the book, I've discovered places that I used to walk by twice a day without ever noticing them!). For the consumer, it's a great way to save money while trying products and services that are ethical. If you like 'em, you continue, if not, it was a reasonably priced adventure. Everyone wins!

Who's in the book?

A wide variety of businesses. It's not just about being green. The idea is that folks who are eco-conscious usually have a strong bent towards fair trade and social justice as well. So the book contains stuff that you're probably doing already (or would like to try). By the way, there are some great ideas for romantic (but ethical) dates in here! I've been taking my husband out on the town using my 50% off coupons and it's been great. It's less money than we'd have spent otherwise, it's romantic and we get to try places we'd never have known about.
In the book you'll find:
* Free weeks at various yoga studios all over the city (if you've ever wanted to try hot yoga, this is your chance!)
* Free food (like 2 for 1 meals, even a free veggie burger at Juicy Lotus! No strings attached!)
* Major discounts on everything from massage to quigong and naturopathy.
* A whole section for ethically minded parents (diapers, toys, food, games, etc)
* Free consults with a green consultant (there's a financial planner and an eco-friendly interior decorator)
* Transportation rebates for things like bike-buggy movers (I kid you not!)
* Much, much more.

What you can do
* Buy the book! It's available at most of the places IN the book, so simply look up this handy guide to find a store near you.
* Use the book to fundraise: If your company or school is planning a fundraiser, why not sell the Green Consciousness guide instead of something made in a sweatshop in China?

So here's my question tonight: would you use this book to fundraise? You get to keep $10 off the $20 value. Leave me a comment or call our talkback line: (514) 597-5626

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