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Be Green

Green Dry Cleaning

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Margarita Schultz


Hello Geeta, I really appreciated this segment on going perc-free! I have been avoiding dry cleaning for years, mostly because of the smell and cost!!!! Can you provide a list of some cleaners in the Montreal area who have the hydrocarbon technology featured in your segment? Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Posted October 27, 2008 07:04 PM

Darcy Moen


WOW, I would love to hear your description of how a commercial dishwasher works, including references to toxic chemicals that clean and disinfect plates, cups, and forks. That would scare the public too!

Margarita, do you understand what a hydrocarbon is? Kissing cousin to Petroleum, AKA gasoline. How green is your carbon foot print dear?

Darcy Moen

Posted October 29, 2008 12:37 AM

Geeta Nadkarni


First, to answer Margarita: I don't have a comprehensive list of non-perc-using dry cleaners in Montreal unfortunately. I would actually put a call out to Montrealers to drop me a line with the information of any green dry cleaner in their neighbourhood so we can start just such a list.
But if you'd like to check out Renew Systeme, the address is 251 Bernard West. Phone number: (514) 276-1419
Don't forget to purchase/bring your own cloth garment bag and hangers!
And Darcy is right, although hydrocarbons are much less toxic than perc, they do still contribute to greenhouse gases (as does breathing, if you think about it). So rule number one still applies: dry clean AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE (perhaps just once a season). Renew Systeme also offers wet cleaning with biodegradable soap. This would be greener still. Best of luck!

Posted October 29, 2008 10:56 AM

Geeta Nadkarni


Darcy, I understand your ire. Washing with hydrocarbons isn't completely green or guilt-free. BUT it IS waaay less toxic than perc. And that's not my hippy-dippy opinion. The EPA feels this way and is trying to help the dry cleaning industry phase out perc (the link in the post above is hot if you'd like to read for yourself). To some extent washing your clothes in a machine at home has a footprint too. As does breathing and living and having babies. But can we really expect people to stop doing those things? I think all we can ask is people do them more mindfully and do whatever they can to reduce their impact on the environment. So, yes, hydrocarbons are petroleum by-products and do leave a carbon footprint. So dry clean your clothes less, give them in for wet washing or simply buy clothes that don't require special attention.
Oh, and I think most commercial dishwashers need an overhaul too. What with phosphates and such...

Posted October 29, 2008 11:01 AM

Michael P Kutchuk


Several petroleum-based solvents have been created as an alternative to perc, but they are still irritants and emit VOCs. The most notable one is a hydrocarbon called DF-2000, which is made by ExxonMobil. Now for the tricky part. Any chemical with a chain of carbon is scientifically classified as "organic" like gasoline and perc. Some dry cleaners that have switched from using perc to using DF-2000, claim that they offer? Organic dry cleaning? They are using an organic solvent, in the scientific sense of the word, but it can be misleading for the consumer who thinks that "organic" is referring to an all-natural, safe method. DF-2000 is classified as a VOC and it is listed by the EPA as a neurotoxin and skin and eye irritant for workers. If your dry cleaner offers organic dry cleaning, check to see what exactly they mean.

Nettoyeur Écologique Royal
5866 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, H4A 1X5
Tel: (514) 482-3622 Fax: (514) 482-3612

Geeta says:
Michael's right. Wet cleaning remains by far the most eco-friendly option. I've come to believe that hydrocarbons may not be as green as we're lead to think. So again, don't buy dry-clean-only clothes as far as possible; handwash what you can; and take the rest for a professional "wet clean" with biodegradable soaps.

Posted March 9, 2009 11:49 AM

Nettoyeur Ecologique Royal / Michael P.Kutchuk


Geeta wrote

Renew Systeme also offers wet cleaning with biodegradable soap. This would be greener still. Best of luck!.

Thank you Geeta for your post of March 09th, 2009. However it is important to clarify to your readers that the wet cleaning service offered by Renew Systeme is not wet cleaning per say, but machine washing as you would normally do at home. In other words we are able to clean garments which carry the dry clean only label such as woolen suits, silks,wedding dresses etc with our system.

Wet cleaning is more then just washing clothes in a traditional washing machine. Wet cleaning is a system which was developed in Germany in 1991 by Miele and comprises of a computerized washer and dryer as well as finishing and tensioning equipment.

Worth noting is that Nettoyeur Ecologique Royal also have a 2nd location situated at 5956 Monkland Avenue in N.D.G tel.514.488.80.44.

Posted March 14, 2009 12:11 PM

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