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Green Cookies! Mmmmm!

You know, there are days when my job just couldn't get any better. Take today for instance: I got to eat fresh-baked wholesome, all-natural cookies FOR WORK! It was research, I swear!
All kidding aside, I think I might have just discovered a "green" cookie! Oh yeah!

Remember Felix & Norton? Their real names are Michael and Gina. They spearheaded the whole cookie phenomenon of the 80s and now they're making a comeback. A GREEN comeback.

They've launched a mobile bakery called Urgence-Biscuits (is this a dream come true or what-- I thought I was the only person in the world with biscuit emergencies!)
Their mission is to bring people green, healthy, cookies.

But what could be green about a cookie?
Well, maybe not much about the cookie itself (other than it's made from natural and not synthetic ingredients), but just about everything around it is green. For instance:
* The packaging of all the Urgence-Biscuits cookies is recycled and recyclable
* The mobile bakery runs on propane which is a cleaner fuel than gasoline or diesel.
* The coffee served with the cookies is fairtrade and organic.
* Many of the appliances on board run off the solar panels on the truck's roof
* A portion of all proceeds go to Environnement Jeunesse, a non-profit that is dedicated to helping educate and empower youth in Quebec.
* They help promote and fundraise with various social and non-profit organizations in the city like the Terry Fox Run, The Cedars Cancer Dragon Boat Races, The ALS walk and even Pawfect Match pet adoption.
How's THAT for a guilt-free cookie?!

Michael and Gina told me some amazing stories about the impact their cookies have had on folks in Montreal. I missed the whole blitz in the 80s (was busy growing up in India), but would love to hear YOUR stories of F&N nostalgia. Do drop me a line. And tell me if you'd be willing to invite the truck over to a birthday party or corporate event and give back to the environment.

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