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Be Green

Green for a Day

So, how does Geeta Be Green?
1. We have a two pee policy It's not something that I'd recommend for public loos or the workplace, but at home, my husband and I seldom flush if there wasn't already pee in the pot before we got there.

2. Reduce flush volume Using a brick or simply a weighted down plastic water bottle inside your flush tank will trick it into thinking it's full and will save gallons of water in the long term.

3. Use lunch bags instead of throwaway plastic There are spillproof and waterproof versions in every style, size and to fit every budget. You can find some here that are made from recycled juice boxes. Canadian Tires and Zellers-type stores also have 'em. Plus, c'mon, they're way more comfy and stylish to carry than plastic bags.

4. Bring your own takeout containers You can also keep tupperware style containers in your bag while grocery shopping. I shop at the Marche Jean Talon and find them extremely useful when bringing home sprouts, mushrooms and berries.

5. Use biodegradable poop bags for your dog
There are so many different kinds on the market now. You could use scoopies, Biobags or EcoSafe
Don't feel like shelling out the big bucks for doodoo sacs? Just use newspaper. It's effective, free and grabbing poop with it is a pretty satisfying way to express how you feel about environmental politics.

6. Bring your own chopsticks/cutlery
It seems obvious, but I must admit I had a hard time always remembering this step. I'm better now, thanks.

7. Ditch those plastic bottles! They're expensive and resource consuming to produce and recycle. They're unregulated, so you might simply be drinking tap water when you pop one of these babies open. Don't believe me? It's been done before--read this.
Plus, there are growing concerns that harmful chemicals leach out of the plastic bottles and into the water we pay so much money for. So, not only are you paying almost more than gas for water, but it's probably not safe.
Just carry your own reusable plastic water bottle (or if you're concerned about pthalates, try one like this.)

8. Bring your own mug
Hey, I work in a news establishment. This place is fuelled by java! And yet, only a small minority of folks bring their own reusable cup. Yeah, maybe you use paper cups, but paper is resource-intensive to produce and even recycle. Plus, most of the cups get thrown in the trash anyway. I'm not even going to mention all the plastic covers that go with those paper cups....hmmm.

9. Bring your own bag C'mon, you know this. I won't nag. Get one of those excellent and stylin' foldable bags. They're smarter, greener and STRONGER than plastic bags. So you won't have one spill your precious groceries three steps from home.

10. Get a sign that says "NO PUBLISACS"

I actually write this in response to a post from "Concerned Citizen" who wrote in to the blog. My husband got us one of these stickers from our local ecoquartier months ago and we haven't gotten a publisac since. If more of us started speaking up, perhaps they'd stop cutting down trees and polluting with plastic just to get us to spend more money.

And on that note, have a wonderful, green weekend!
PS: And write in with your ideas--you know I love to hear from you!

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Can the 500ml water bottles be recycled? If yes, where can we take them in Montreal?

Posted April 18, 2008 06:45 AM

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