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Be Green

Earth Hour

Probably the biggest point of Earth Hour is to raise awareness of our global predicament. With the lights out and TV off, we can sit together (perhaps by candlelight) and talk about what our world is coming to and what we can do about it.
And maybe, just maybe, we can take some of the spirit of Earth Hour into our everyday lives.
Simple actions like the following can greatly reduce our footprint if we make them habits:
* Turn off your computer when you're done with it--especially at work
* Turn off lights and appliances when you leave the room (and UNPLUG things like the video and TV, etc overnight. The easy way to do this is by plugging them into a single power strip and turning THAT off). This prevents constant low level energy seepage.
* Replace your bulbs with energy efficient ones. If you have mixed feelings about this like I do, it's helpful to read this Wikipedia article about them. Scroll down to the part about savings and then the part about what to do if one of these babies breaks. Maybe there's hope.
* Let your clothes air dry--at least the little ones--even in the winter.
* USE LESS WATER (this won't help with global warming necessarily, but honestly folks, the more I read about the state of potable water in the world, the more I want to hoard the stuff. Now we fight about oil... soon it'll be about water)

There are loads of ways you can cut energy consumption--and I'm sure you have your own ideas. Are you going to respect Earth Hour? Tell me why? And whether you're carrying it over into your everyday life.

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