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First, let's start with what the Eco-Quartiers are NOT:
An Eco-Quartier is NOT an Eco-Centre.
Eco-Centres help you do the following:
* Recycle, reuse or repurpose computers and other large appliances like ovens, fridges, stoves, etc.
* Safely dispose off hazardous waste like paint, nail polish, neons, toxic chemicals, etc.
* Take in and resell baby carriages, bicycle parts and building materials.
(An Eco-Centre is an excellent place to go if you want green and low-cost materials for home renovations).

So what's an Eco-Quartier?
They're all over the city. Almost every Borough has one.
Here's an extensive list so you can find one close to you:

An eco-quartier's mandate is essentially this:
* To help keep Montreal clean and green. (They actually do this by going door-to-door and talking to people about what should be in their bins or garbage and how to bring down household or business waste)
* To help educate Montrealers about the various programs and resources available to them.
* To help citizens like you and me get funding to start projects that will help with the two initiatives listed above.
* To provide green bins and clear bags for recycling and set up programs for businesses and apartment buildings to make recycling easier.

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Preposterously Green


One of the many things that you can get at your Eco-Quartier are those small stickers to keep junk mail out of your mailbox. The people who are delivering 'circulaires' are usually responding only to those stickers (as opposed to the hand written notes saying 'no ads please'). While you're picking up your sticker, why don't take some for your neighbours and friends... so less paper is circulating, creating less energy recycling it !
Good job for your new column and... be green man !

Posted February 27, 2008 09:42 AM

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