MAP | Ukraine's European Union dilemma

Embattled country situated between the overwhelmingly pro-EU Western Europe and anti-EU Russia

CBC News Last Updated: Jan. 24, 2014

Among the issues contributing to the violent clashes between protesters and riot police in Kyiv is Ukraine's decision not to join the European Union. A deal that would have seen the country join the organization had been in the works for years when President Viktor Yanukovych opted not to ratify it. Russian officials later said that they had pressured Yanukovych to scuttle the deal in favour of closer ties with Russia.

In addition to the Black Sea, Ukraine is bordered by seven countries. Most of its western neighbours are EU states, but its largest bordering state, Russia, is staunchly opposed to EU membership. Ukraine physically sits in the middle of the predominantly pro-EU Western Europe and Russia, which hopes to create its own economic bloc. Use the map below to learn where Ukraine's neighbours and the rest of Europe stands.


Sources: European Union, European Commission, news reports

Violence continues in Ukraine

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