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Residency of senators

How many senators live in the province or territory they represent?

Last updated Feb. 27, 2013

Recent controversy over expenses claimed by some Canadian senators has put a spotlight on the Senate's rules and residency requirements. And under the Constitution, a senator "shall be resident" in the province or territory they were appointed to represent. And senators are entitled to claim expenses to live close to the Senate if that residence is more than 100 km from the National Capital Region. CBC News contacted all 104 senators to ask whether they reside in the place they represent and whether they have proof of that residency, including tax filings, voting registration, driver's license and health card. Use the chart below to see their responses.

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Y=Yes;   NR=No response;   Ref.=Refused   |   CON=Conservative;   LIB=Liberal;   IND=Independent

SORT: Senator Party Prov. Response? Reside? Proof? Named Year
FILTER: Party Prov. Response Reside Proof Named Year
Andreychuk, RaynellCONSKYYYMulroney (PC)1993
Ataullahjan, SalmaCONONYYYHarper (C)2010
Baker, GeorgeLIBNLYYYChrétien (L)2002
Batters, DeniseCONSKYYYHarper (C)2013
Bellemare, DianeCONQCYYYHarper (C)2012
Beyak, LynnCONONYYYHarper (C)2013
Black, DouglasCONABYYYHarper (C)2013
Boisvenu, Pierre-HuguesCONQCNRNRNRHarper (C)2010
Braley, DavidCONONYYYHarper (C)2010
Brazeau, PatrickINDQCYYYHarper (C)2009
Brown, BertCONABYYYHarper (C)2007
Buth, JoAnne L.CONMBYYYHarper (C)2012
Callbeck, Catherine S.LIBPEIYYYChrétien (L)1997
Campbell, Larry W.LIBBCYYYMartin (L)2005
Carignan, ClaudeCONQCYRef.Ref.Harper (C)2009
Champagne, AndréeCONQCYYYMartin (L)2005
Chaput, MariaLIBMBYYYChrétien (L)2002
Charette-Poulin, Marie-P.LIBONYYYChrétien (L)1995
Comeau, Gerald J.CONNSYYYMulroney (PC)1990
Cools, Anne C.INDONYYYTrudeau (L)1984
Cordy, JaneLIBNSYYYChrétien (L)2000
Cowan, James S.LIBNSYYYMartin (L)2005
Dagenais, Jean-GuyCONQCYYYHarper (C)2012
Dallaire, RoméoLIBQCYYYMartin (L)2005
Dawson, DennisLIBQCYYYMartin (L)2005
Day, Joseph A.LIBNBYYYChrétien (L)2001
De Bané, PierreLIBQCYRef.Ref.Trudeau (L)1984
Demers, JacquesCONQCYYYHarper (C)2009
Downe, Percy E.LIBPEIYYYChrétien (L)2003
Doyle, Norman E.CONNLYYYHarper (C)2012
Duffy, MichaelCONPEIYYRef.Harper (C)2009
Dyck, Lillian EvaLIBSKYYYMartin (L)2005
Eaton, NicoleCONONYYYHarper (C)2009
Eggleton, ArtLIBONYYYMartin (L)2005
Enverga Jr., Tobias C.CONONYYYHarper (C)2012
Finley, DougCONONYYYHarper (C)2009
Fortin-Duplessis, SuzanneCONQCYRef.Ref.Harper (C)2009
Fraser, JoanLIBQCYYYChrétien (L)1998
Frum, LindaCONONYYYHarper (C)2009
Furey, GeorgeLIBNLYYYChrétien (L)1999
Gerstein, IrvingCONONNRNRNRHarper (C)2009
Greene, StephenCONNSYYYHarper (C)2009
Harb, MacLIBONNRNRNRChrétien (L)2003
Hervieux-Payette, CélineLIBQCYYYChrétien (L)1995
Housakos, LeoCONQCYYYHarper (C)2009
Hubley, ElizabethLIBPEIYYYChrétien (L)2001
Jaffer, Mobina S.B.LIBBCYYYChrétien (L)2001
Johnson, Janis G.CONMBYYYMulroney (PC)1990
Joyal, SergeLIBQCYYYChrétien (L)1997
Kenny, ColinLIBONYYYTrudeau (L)1984
Kinsella, Noël A.CONNBYYYMulroney (PC)1990
Lang, DanielCONYKYYYHarper (C)2009
LeBreton, MarjoryCONONYYYMulroney (PC)1993
Lovelace Nicholas, Sandra M.LIBNBYYYMartin (L)2005
MacDonald, Michael L.CONNSNRNRNRHarper (C)2009
Maltais, GhislainCONQCYYYHarper (C)2012
Manning, FabianCONNLYYYHarper (C)2011
Marshall, Elizabeth (Beth)CONNLYYYHarper (C)2010
Martin, YonahCONBCYYYHarper (C)2009
Massicotte, Paul J.LIBQCNRNRNRChrétien (L)2003
McCoy, ElaineINDABYYYMartin (L)2005
McInnis, Thomas JohnsonCONNSYYYHarper (C)2012
McIntyre, Paul E.CONNBYYYHarper (C)2012
Mercer, Terry M.LIBNSYYYChrétien (L)2003
Merchant, PanaLIBSKYYYChrétien (L)2002
Meredith, DonCONONYYYHarper (C)2010
Mitchell, GrantLIBABYYYMartin (L)2005
Mockler, PercyCONNBNRNRNRHarper (C)2009
Moore, Wilfred P.LIBNSYYYChrétien (L)1996
Munson, JimLIBONYYYChrétien (L)2003
Nancy RuthCONONYYYMartin (L)2005
Neufeld, RichardCONBCYYYHarper (C)2009
Ngo, Thanh HaiCONONYYYHarper (C)2012
Nolin, Pierre ClaudeCONQCYYYMulroney (PC)1993
Ogilvie, Kelvin KennethCONNSYYYHarper (C)2009
Oh, VictorCONONYRef.Ref.Harper (C)2013
Oliver, Donald H.CONNSYRef.Ref.Mulroney (PC)1990
Patterson, Dennis GlenCONNTYYRef.Harper (C)2009
Plett, Donald NeilCONMBYYYHarper (C)2009
Poirier, Rose-MayCONNBYYRef.Harper (C)2010
Raine, Nancy GreeneCONBCYYYHarper (C)2009
Ringuette, PierretteLIBNBYYYChrétien (L)2002
Rivard, MichelCONQCYYYHarper (C)2009
Rivest, Jean-ClaudeINDQCYYYMulroney (PC)1993
Robichaud, FernandLIBNBYYYChrétien (L)1997
Runciman, BobCONONYYYHarper (C)2010
Segal, HughCONONYYYMartin (L)2005
Seidman, Judith G.CONQCYYYHarper (C)2009
Seth, AshaCONONYRef.Ref.Harper (C)2012
Sibbeston, Nick G.LIBNWTYYYChrétien (L)1999
Smith, David P.LIBONYYYChrétien (L)2002
Smith, LarryCONQCNRNRNRHarper (C)2011
Stewart Olsen, CarolynCONNBYYYHarper (C)2009
Stratton, TerryCONMBYYYMulroney (PC)1993
Tardif, ClaudetteLIBABYYYMartin (L)2005
Tkachuk, DavidCONSKYYYMulroney (PC)1993
Unger, Betty E.CONABYYYHarper (C)2012
Verner, JoséeCONQCYYYHarper (C)2011
Wallace, John D.CONNBYYRef.Harper (C)2009
Wallin, PamelaCONSKYYRef.Harper (C)2009
Watt, CharlieLIBQCYYYTrudeau (L)1984
Wells, David M.CONNLYRef.Ref.Harper (C)2013
White, VernonCONONYYYHarper (C)2012
Zimmer, Rod A. A.LIBMBYYYMartin (L)2005

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