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Royal Wedding: Comparing couples

Kate and William versus Diana and Charles


Last Updated: April 8, 2011 4:23 PM ET

Does your pot roast not live up to your mother-in-law's? Take heart and consider the case of Kate Middleton. At the moment of her engagement, list-makers and busybodies immediately began drawing up comparisons between the blushing young bride-to-be and the iconic, late Princess Diana.

Initially, there were superficial, broad-based evaluations: one blond, the other brunette; one bashful, the other self-assured; one a naïve 19-year-old who enjoyed a very brief courtship, the other a 29-year-old who dated her prince for eight years. Royal watchers then began scrutinizing other aspects, including class, family, education and fashion sense.

The stacking up of the princess brides is perhaps inevitable, as observers ponder whether young William and Kate will have the staying power to endure the limelight and maintain their storybook romance. Will there be riveting tabloid smackdowns, scandalous affairs and a bitter divorce?

Here is a comparison of the couples at the time of their engagement. Select the coloured boxes to read more about each person.