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Rob Ford bombshell allegations spur saucy headlines

Media around the globe zero in on purported crack scandal gripping Toronto

Last Updated: Nov. 1, 2013

The revelation that Toronto police are in possession of a digital video file allegedly showing Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack reverberated with media outlets around the world.

Ford has been described in various reports - ranging in tone from cheeky to serious - as an embattled leader of a city descending into wild political turmoil. poked fun at our supposedly sleepy country with an article that begins, "Not much happens in Canada. At least until Rob Ford and a secret video happened."'s sassy headline posed the following provocative question: "What the fk is up in Toronto?" And Vanity Fair, meanwhile, touted the alleged video – described as "an independently produced amateur documentary" – as the "most anticipated film of the year."

Here is a selection of articles published about how the international media have covered the Rob Ford probe. Scroll through the various headlines and click to access the original articles.

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Rob Ford video in police hands

Toronto police surveillance images