Joseph Di Maulo

Joe Di Maulo, 70, a reputed high-level member of the Rizzuto family, was found dead in the driveway of a residence on Blainvillier Road, in Blainville near Montreal on Nov. 5, 2012.

Di Maulo joined the Rizzuto clan after Bonanno family underboss Paolo Violi was assassinated in 1978.


Giuseppe Colapelle

Giuseppe (Closure) Colapelle, an enforcer with ties to the Rizzuto clan, was gunned down in a strip mall parking lot in Saint-Léonard on the evening of March 1, 2012. Montreal police said a man was sitting in his SUV in a parking lot near the intersection of Langelier and Lavoisier boulevards at around 6 p.m. ET when he was shot.

Police said the man was shot at least once as he sat in an SUV outside an east-end strip mall in Saint-Léonard. (Radio-Canada)

Antonio Pietrantonio

Known as "Tony Suzuki," a reference to his car dealership, Pietrantonio was the apparent target of an assassination attempt in Montreal on Dec. 14, 2011. Pietrantonio served 10 years in prison on drug-related charges in 1994. He was mentioned several times on wiretap evidence captured during Opération Colisée, a major police crackdown in 2006 that rounded up more than 100 alleged members of the Mafia. Pietrantonio survived the shooting.

Lorenzo (Larry) LoPresti

LoPresti was shot to death October 24, 2011, while smoking a cigarette on the balcony of a condominium building in Montreal's Ville-St-Laurent borough.

He was the son of Giuseppe (Joe) LoPresti, a Sicilian-born "man of honour" widely believed to be a Rizzuto associate up to his own murder in 1992. Larry LoPresti was close to Agostino Cuntrera, according to media reports.

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Police investigate an apartment building in Montreal's Saint-Laurent borough. (CBC)

Raynald Desjardins

Desjardins was a construction entrepreneur who, according to Montreal police, is an important player in the organized crime scene.

Desjardins survived a murder attempt in September 2011, while driving in Laval. His SUV came under fire, but he wasn't injured.

Long considered Vito Rizzuto's "younger brother" and right-hand man, Desjardins is one of the only Quebecers de souche welcomed into the Rizzuto's inner circles. Desjardins served time in prison after he was arrested in 1993 on charges of attempting to import cocaine.

CBC story: Rizzuto associate target of shooting

Raynald Desjardins suffered non-life threatening injuries in the shooting. (CBC)

Nicolo Rizzuto

Nicolo Rizzuto was assassinated by a sniper at his home in northwest Montreal in November 2010. He was 86.

Decades earlier, Rizzuto had been an associate of the Cotroni family and was a key player in his own family's rise to power after the murder of Paolo Violi.

CBC story: Mafia leader Nicolo Rizzuto killed

(Graham Hughes/CP)

Agostino Cuntrera

Agostino Cuntrera, a reputed Mob boss with close ties to the Rizzuto family, was shot and killed in front of his wholesale food business in June 2010. His bodyguard was also killed.

In May of that year, Paolo Renda — Vito Rizzuto's brother-in-law — was abducted from his car on a Montreal street. He has not been seen since.

CBC story: Montreal Mafia boss was targeted: police

Outside the company owned by Agostino Cuntrera. (CBC)

Nick Rizzuto, Jr.

Nick Rizzuto, Jr., the son of Nicolo Rizzuto's son Vito Rizzuto, was gunned down in broad daylight in Montreal in December 2009, a stone's throw away from Construction FTM, a building company owned by Tony Magi.

At the time, Mafia experts warned that such a brazen murder of a member of such a prominent family would likely lead to retribution.

CBC story: Son of mob boss Rizzuto killed in Montreal: report

Nick Rizzuto Jr. (Benoit Pelosse/Le Journal de Montreal/Canadian Press)

Frederico Del Peschio

Del Peschio was shot to death outside his Montreal North restaurant La Cantina in August 2009. According to La Presse crime specialist André Cédilot, Del Peschio had been a loyal foot soldier to the Rizzuto clan for nearly three decades, before his death.

Del Peschio was arrested in Venezuela in the 1980s on cocaine charges, along with Nicolo Rizzuto (father to Vito Rizzuto). Del Peschio served a prison sentence for drug trafficking in the 1970s.

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Antonio (Tony) Magi

Antonio (Tony) Magi: Construction and real-estate entrepreneur who survived an attempt on his life in 2008. He owns Construction FTM, and was a former business partner with Nick Rizzuto Jr. Magi survived an attempt on his life in August 2008, while driving in Montreal's West End. His Range Rover was sprayed with bullets. Magi was critically injured and spent six months in hospital. According to reports, Magi now travels with two bodyguards in an bullet-proof SUV.

In February 2011, Magi's wife Rita Biasini was the target of a gunman in a daytime attack near her home in Notre-Dame-de-Grace. Biasini was driving her SUV when someone opened fire on her vehicle. She wasn't hit.

External link: La femme d'un proche de la mafia aurait été la cible d'un tireur [in French]

Construction magnate Tony Magi, left, at the Montreal courthouse, Nov. 8, 2011. Magi pleaded guilty to improperly storing a restricted weapon. (CBC)

Paolo Violi

The 1978 murder of Paolo Violi was the pinnacle of a turf war between Montreal's rival Calabrese and Sicilian factions. Violi had headed the Calabrian Cotroni crime family.

The Rizzutos supplanted the Cotronis as the city's most prominent crime family after Violi's murder.

(Doug Ball/CP)