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Quiz: 10 questions on iTunes

How well do you know iTunes?

Last Updated: April 26, 2013

Ten years ago iTunes 3 was introduced during the final keynote address at Macworld New York. For the devout Apple followers in the audience, it was a companion product to the revolutionary iPod and allowed users to compile, store and purchase music as a downloadable product.

18 months after its release, Apple had recorded 14 million downloads and set the standard for online music integration. Ten years later, television programs, books and films have been added to the site. How well do you know the history of iTunes? Take our quiz and find out.

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1. iTunes made its debut on April 28, 2003, however it was only available on the Mac OS platform. How long did it take Apple to release a Windows version?

6 months
2 years
6 weeks
never, you had to buy a Mac

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