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Global Slavery Index: 29.8M people locked in forced labour

Haiti, Pakistan have highest prevalence of slavery

Oct. 18, 2013

Nearly 30 million people are forced into slavery around the globe according to a new report released by Walk Free, an activist group based in Australia.

The report, which ranks 162 countries, found that Mauritania, Haiti, Pakistan, India and Nepal had the highest prevalence of slavery — which encompasses debt bondage, forced marriage, sale or exploitation of children, human trafficking and forced labour.

Walk Free suggests common traits among countries with high proportions of slaves include low GDP per capita and low levels of human development. Canada ranks 144th in the list. In absolute numbers, India leads with an estimated 13.9 million people subject to slavery. China with 2.9 million slaves and Pakistan with 2.1 million round out the top three.

The map below shows the weighted measure which measures levels of child marriage, human trafficking against population. Click on a country to read more.

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