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3 new faces join G8 club

Hollande, Monti and Noda debut at U.S.-hosted Camp David event while Putin takes a pass

Last Updated: May 11, 2012

Talk about turnover at the top – three of the eight leaders from last year’s G8 summit won’t be back when the exclusive club holds its annual meetup in Camp David, Md., on May 18 and 19. Political and economic factors have led to a changing of the guard in Italy, France and Japan. Russia's Dmitry Medvedev will be back, but this time as prime minister, after newly returned President Vladimir Putin opted to take a pass on the U.S.-hosted gathering.

Learn more about the new members of the G8 club – and the old standbys – by selecting a leader’s name below.

Source: CBC wire services - Photos: Associated Press

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