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Documenting Scouts-related sex abuse cases

Posted: Oct. 23, 2011

CBC's Investigative Unit researched newspaper clippings, online publications and court records to catalogue cases of sexual abuse involving active or former scout leaders.

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How the numbers break down:

To date, we have catalogued nearly 80 cases where scout leaders, or former scout leaders, have been involved in sexual misconduct incidents ranging from sexual assault to possession of child pornography. Most of these cases include criminal convictions, however we have also included some civil litigation cases. In one instance, we include a new allegation from a victim who spoke to us directly.

Number of Victims:

There are about 340 victims in cases where an active scout leader abused children. (This number does not include children who were abused by scout leaders who had already left the organization.)

Thirteen scout leaders, past and present, have been charged with child pornography-related crimes.


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