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Egypt: The house Tahrir built

Last Updated: January 24, 2012

A revolution and an election later, Egypt's parliament is now dominated by Islamists. It is a turn of events that leaves some in the international community uncomfortable. It also leaves some Egyptians nervous. To tell that story, CBC correspondent Nahlah Ayed, producer Stephanie Jenzer and camera operator Ousama Farag visit the residents of a modest but changing building in the ancient city of Giza. The House Tahrir Built is home to secular liberals, members of the Muslim Brotherhood and, most recently, to the ultra-religious Salafi Nour Party. How they get along gives us a glimpse into the challenges ahead for the new Egypt.

Use the navigation below to read about and watch some of the residents of the building. Use the video player's fullscreen option to read subtitles more clearly.

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