Raw Data

House of Commons spending

Database: Accessing MPs' expenses

The numbers in this database represent the money members of Parliament spend to run their offices, everything from staff salaries to travelling to their constituencies.

These summaries, dating back to 2001-2002, only exist in PDF format.

For the 2008-2009 numbers, I have converted them into a spreadsheet in order to make them more accessible.

By selecting the "All" categories in the "Member" and "Constituency" boxes, you will obtain the entire database for all MPs. You can also select individual MPs or ridings from the drop-down menus.

The information is broken down into 12 categories. I've added an extra column for total expenses, which is arranged from highest to lowest. This is only one of many ways the data can be sorted. The point is, sorting the information this way allows for some context when reading the numbers, context that is impossible by plodding your way through a PDF.

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database app.

I would have done this with the most recent data for the fiscal year that ended last spring (2009-2010), but the information is in a different format. Though richer in detail, the new format makes it difficult to compare with previous years, though you can do your best by matching some of the categories from the database we've uploaded with the categories from the most recent expense reports. You can select individual MPs or group them together by riding or party.

For more information on the recent reports, please read my blog.

With database work by the CBC's John Bowman