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CITIZEN BYTES: Street-level stories from Japan

Last Updated: March 14, 2011

A magnitude-9 earthquake struck off Japan's northeast coast on Friday, triggering a massive tsunami that swallowed homes, swept away cars and boats, and forced people to scramble to higher ground.

The official death toll from the twin disasters is now reported to be more than 3,300. More than 15,000 people are unaccounted for. There is also anxiety about the safety of the damaged nuclear reactors in Fukushima.

Since the disaster began, the Community team has been in touch with Canadians living in Japan. Many have contacted us through email, website comments, and social networks, to relay their updates and share their stories, photos and videos.

The map above contains links to our contributors' locations, pictures and stories. Click on the pins to open a window with an excerpt and a link to their full accounts. You can use the zoom bar on the left side of the map or your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in.

If the entire window isn't visible, click and drag on the map to move the window into view. (We're working to correct this bug.)

We also have a list of all our Citizen Bytes from Japan, and a gallery of photos that readers have sent in to us.

Are you in a community that's been affected by the tsunami or in an area where a tsunami watch has been issued? The Community Team and are looking for stories, photos and videos, if you've got them.