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What winter? Warm season across Canada

Map: Most of the country recorded above-average temperatures

Last Updated: March 20, 2012

Snow shovels and tuques spent a lonely winter in many parts of Canada, as temperatures soared to above-normal levels. See how your city's weather fared by selecting a dot in the map below. More: Mild winter weather will get bugs buzzing sooner

Winter 2012 temperatures

  • More than 4 C above normal
  • 2.05 to 4 C above normal
  • 0.15 to 2 C above normal
  • 0.1 C above to 0.1 C below normal
  • 0.15 C to 2 C below normal
  • 2.05 to 4 C below normal
  • More than 4 C below normal
  • Data not available

Note: Figures above are measured up to March 18, 2012, but may be incomplete in some cases. Temperatures are the daily average of highs and lows, as calculated by Environment Canada.

Source: Environment Canada Weather Office

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