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Canada's foreign aid spending by country

Map: Nearly 150 countries received some kind of financial assistance in 2009-'10

Last Updated: April 3, 2012

The federal government allocated more than $5 billion for foreign aid in the 2009-'10 fiscal year. And nearly 150 countries received some sort of assistance, according to figures from the Canadian International Development Agency. Select a country on the map below to see how much aid it received from Canada.


  • $1-$30M
  • $30M-$60M
  • $60M-$90M
  • $90M-$120M
  • $120M-$150M
  • $150M-$180M
  • $180M-$300M
  • More than $300M

Funds allocated to multiple countries

Africa: $433.7 million, Americas: $236.2 million, Asia: $226.2 million, Europe: $26.6 million
Not allocated by region: $808.8 million

Countries not seen on map:   Anguilla: $68,303   |   Cook Islands: $135,248   |   Marshall Islands: $5,786   |   Micronesia: $30,577   |   Montserrat: $8,953   |   Nauru: $51,978   |   Niue: $119,063   |   Palau: $17,244   |   Samoa: $1,437,290   |   Timor-Leste $3,559,198   |   Tokelau: $22,076   |   Tuvalu: $174,587

Note: South Sudan was not a recognized country in fiscal year 2009-'10. Canada remains neutral on the disputed Western Sahara territory. DFAIT stands for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. IRDC stands for the International Development Research Centre.

Source: Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

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