A team of Navy SEALs moved through the compound from room to room.


Two al-Qaeda couriers and a woman were killed on the first floor, the White House said on May 3. As the team made their way to the third floor of the building, another team began securing another building within the compound.

Who was shot or killed in the compound?

May 2: Initial reports say Osama bin Laden, three other men and a woman were killed. The White House said it believed the men were two couriers and one of bin Laden's sons. John Brennan, the White House counterterrorism adviser, identified the woman as one of bin Laden's wives.

Later on May 2: A U.S. official said the woman killed in the raid was not bin Laden's wife. She was shot in the leg and injured. Another senior official said the woman who was killed may have been the wife of a courier. She has not been named.