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Unpaid Zara garment workers say they still haven't seen a cent
Workers who stuffed pleas into pockets of clothing sold at Zara say they still haven’t been paid despite promises of compensation.
Analysis Hollywood stars on the defensive as scandals prompt tough questions video
With the disturbing revelations about producer Harvey Weinstein and new allegations of sexual misconduct attached to A-list actors emerging daily, there is a noticeable chill in La La Land.
Michael Flynn's lawyers break with Trump's legal team
A lawyer for former national security adviser Michael Flynn has told U.S. President Donald Trump's legal team that they will no longer communicate with them about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian election interference — a sign that Flynn may be moving to co-operate with investigators.
'We need to get our stories straight,' Dellen Millard wrote girlfriend after Laura Babcock disappeared
The Crown at the Laura Babcock murder trial has rested its case against co-accused Dellen Millard and Mark Smich. The final piece of Crown evidence entered Thursday was some of the 65 handwritten letters Millard sent to then-girlfriend Christina Noudga, where he detailed "the night Laura disappeared."
Oscar Pistorius's sentence more than doubled to 13 years, 5 months
South Africa's Supreme Court of Appeal on Friday increased Oscar Pistorius' murder sentence to 13 years and five months after the state argued that his original sentence of six years was "shockingly lenient."