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Canadian sniper's shot 'entirely consistent' with non-combat role, Trudeau says video audio
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says a record-breaking shot by a Canadian special forces sniper is something that should be "celebrated" for demonstrating the training and professionalism of the Canadian Forces - and is well within the realm of the advise and assist role in Iraq.
CBC Investigates 'They were very persistent': CBC finds more cash-for-jobs immigration schemes
After a CBC iTeam investigation revealed that a Saskatchewan business owner was offered cash in exchange for a job offer to a Chinese national, three other people have come forward to report similar experiences.
Botched eyelash extensions leave Alberta teen's eyes swollen, burned
A Fort Saskatchewan, Alta., teenager suffered swelling and burn marks around her eyes after a painful allergic reaction to eyelash extensions.
'I think about it every day': Quebec man says he was wrongfully arrested at gunpoint, blames racial profiling
'I just have the picture of the squad cars, the pistols pointed at me stuck in my head,' says 20-year-old Malik Smith. He says he was detained for nine hours and then released without an apology.
Republicans postpone vote on their health-care bill until after July 4
U.S. Senate leaders postponed debate on their health-care bill, in deepening jeopardy as opposition from rebellious Republicans intensifies. The defections increased after Congress's nonpartisan budget referee said the measure would leave 22 million more people uninsured by 2026 than former president Barack Obama's law.