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What's in your weed: Why cannabis strains don't all live up to their billing video
Strains of cannabis may have fancy names and come with promises of tantalizing effects, but many buds have a mixed-up genetic lineage and don't always match what's advertised, plant experts caution.
Minister uses profanity as he criticizes companies' excuses not to hire diverse leaders video
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains used profanity as he criticized the lack of diversity in corporate leadership positions to a group of Windsor, Ont., law students on Wednesday.
Girl, 5, fatally struck in school parking lot had already fought cancer in her short life, family friend says
A friend of the Toronto family whose five-year-old daughter was fatally struck in a school drop-off area says the little girl was in remission after cancer treatment. Ana Paula Carrera says although the parents are heartbroken, she’s struck by their strength and faith.
Family offers 'sincere apologies' after daughter falsely reported hijab attack
The family of the 11-year-old girl who reported that a man tried to cut off her hijab last week, an incident police said did not occur, offered "sincere apologies to every Canadian" in a statement on Wednesday.
No record that required inspections be conducted at California 'horror house' where 13 children were kept video
City officials couldn't find any records that the fire marshal conducted required annual inspections at a California home that doubled as a private school where authorities say 13 malnourished siblings were kept captive in filthy conditions by their parents.