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CBC Investigates 'You'll get a dead body': Father was 'distraught' over international student's fake kidnapping
In an exclusive interview with CBC Toronto, the father of a Chinese student in Toronto recounts the horror of being at the centre of a missing person investigation and a scam aimed at extorting money from the families of young, vulnerable international students.
As federal Phoenix payroll fiasco hits 2-year mark, families continue to bear brunt of it video
Two years after the federal government launched Phoenix, public servants and their families across the country continue to suffer under the problem-plagued pay system, with no fix in sight.
CBC IN SOUTH KOREA What do North Koreans know about Canada? A 62-part propaganda film offers clues
In secretive North Korea, Canada is but a vague geographical concept that could be anywhere in the world, writes Matt Kwong.
Analysis 'Painfully unproductive': Plenty of tension, and little progress on Mideast at Munich gathering
On the third day of talks at the Munich Security Conference, any optimists still wandering the halls were stopped cold by the barbed battles of the Middle East. In attempting diplomatic inroads, the result was a display of intractable disputes over drones, borders, military spending and loyalty to foreign powers.
Live Trudeau reiterates denial of Sikh separatists in cabinet video
Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says he and Prime Minister Trudeau made clear to the chief minister of Punjab today that his repeated allegations that Canadian cabinet ministers were Sikh separatists are extremely false.