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Analysis 'Bigger than football': NFL, long a conservative league, dodged activism. Then came Trump video
Pro football, a sport known to skew conservative with Southern powerhouse college programs and military pageantry in the NFL, has dragged its heels when it comes to overt political activism. But not this time. Not after U.S. President Donald Trump forced their hand, experts say.
Fort McMurray fires cause air pollution spike on other side of continent video
The huge forest fire in Fort McMurray last year caused air pollution levels to spike as far away as the New England states more than four thousand kilometres on the other side of the continent.
Opinion Ontario's pot plan aims to protect us from ourselves: Neil Macdonald video
The new outlets will not allow people to actually see what they are buying. And no advertising. Or marketing. Just like cigarettes.
Analysis The hitch in Ukraine's peacekeeping bid: Where and how to keep the peace video
A UN peacekeeping force populated with Canadians may, in the estimation of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, be the “shortest way” to end fighting in his troubled land, but his determination to exclude Russia could make for a long, uncertain road.
Skepticism and hope as national MMIWG hearings come to B.C.'s Highway of Tears video audio
The families of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in B.C. are approaching this week's national inquiry hearings with a mixture of hope for change and skepticism informed by past failures of government.