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Analysis What could start the next war? 'Accident, miscalculation, blunder'
An an insistent alarm is being raised over the rising probability the world will trip into its next major conflict rather than deliberately march into it.
CBC IN ISRAEL Africans in Israel worry deportation plan could be a death warrant
Israel is offering nearly 40,000 Africans living in the country a choice: be sent to a detention facility, or be deported to an African country with a plane ticket and a cheque. As correspondent Derek Stoffel reports, some Israelis say the plan goes against Jewish values.
Olympic wake-up call, Day 9: Hope and bronze
Here's a quick recap of all the important Olympic news you might have missed overnight, and a look at what's still to come later today, as Canada upped its medal total to 16 in South Korea
CBC IN SOUTH KOREA Who's that commanding stares from North Korea's Olympic troupe? Only Kim Jong 'Um'
Australian performer Kim Jong "Um" is drawing a lot of attention at Olympic Games venues for his impersonation of the North Korean leader. He says he also earned a kick from angry North Korean delegates.
New Iranian plane crash kills all 66 on board
Aseman Airlines said there were no survivors as its commercial flight carrying 66 people from Tehran crashed on Sunday.