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Laura Babcock's dad asked that he not be questioned by daughter's accused killer, but judge allowed it
The father of Laura Babcock was "concerned" about being questioned in court by the man accused of killing his daughter, but despite a pretrial effort by the Crown to avoid the scenario, a judge allowed it to happen.
Analysis 'Trump is not a kingmaker' as Doug Jones defeats Roy Moore in Alabama video
Doug Jones made an appeal for "decency" to prevail over partisanship. Deeply conservative Alabama apparently listened, overturning a quarter-century of voting habits to elect him on Tuesday night in a stunning rebuff of U.S. President Donald Trump.
Parkinson's patient forced to battle bureaucracy around assisted death
Nancy Vickers, suffering with Parkinson's disease, was determined to get a medically assisted death. But she had to grapple with a bureaucratic provincial system despite a Canadian law that has made the procedure legal since June 2016.
Analysis How an expected U.S. interest rate increase will affect Canadians: Don Pittis
A U.S. rate rise today seems like a foregone conclusion, with more to come. Canadian borrowers should ask, "How many more?"
Canadians expected to pay more to dine out in 2018
Food prices are expected to hold steady for the next year — unless you like eating in restaurants.