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Europe's Airbus to buy majority stake in Bombardier CSeries program
Bombardier Inc. has announced it will partner with Netherlands-based aerospace giant Airbus on its CSeries program.
WATCH Freed hostage Joshua Boyle on why he went to Afghanistan and what his kidnappers wanted video
In an interview with CBC News, Joshua Boyle describes his kidnappers’ apparent motives, the conditions of his confinement with his family and the final moments of their rescue on Wednesday, five years after being taken hostage in Afghanistan by a Taliban-linked militant group.
Updated U.S. makes 'aggressive' demands to access Canadian dairy market, wants end to supply management video
The United States is asking Canada to open up its protected dairy market and wants the system of supply management that protects Canada's industry terminated within a decade.
'People turned into charcoal': Somali-Canadians recount horror of Mogadishu attack
Harrowing stories are emerging of Canadians and their friends on the ground in Mogadishu, following Saturday's bombing attack that killed at least 300 people.
Russian man reveals he's a victim of Chechnya's 'gay purge'
A 30-year-old Russian man has identified himself as one of the victims of Chechnya’s so-called "gay purge,” an event global human rights groups have condemned as a Nazi-like effort to rid the region of homosexuals.