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Australian police charge Vatican cardinal with sex offences
Australian police have charged Cardinal George Pell, Pope Francis's chief financial adviser and Australia's most senior Catholic, with multiple counts of historical sexual assault offences, a stunning decision certain to rock the highest levels of the Holy See.
Cyberattack: Was it really ransomware, or an attack on Ukraine — or something yet to come?
A day after the latest cyberattack crippled computers internationally, starting in Ukraine, expert opinions are varying widely over who was behind it and what the real goal was.
Peter Mansbridge on some of his most memorable stories at CBC video
As Peter Mansbridge steps down as chief correspondent of CBC's The National, he sat down with to talk about memorable conventions, political scandals and how the coverage of acts of violence has evolved.
'It felt like I had been stabbed,' says patient left with 33-cm metal plate inside after surgery
An investigation has been launched after Montreal cancer patient Sylvie Dubé learned a 33-centimetre metal plate was left inside her during a hysterectomy, causing her severe pain in her shoulder.
Desperate measures: Families of drug-addicted teens running out of options video
Sean and Tamara O'Leary broke the law to save their 16-year-old daughter, who recently relapsed and was on the hunt for more drugs. That's when the Ottawa couple realized just how helpless they were to save her.