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Updated Liberals win federal byelection in B.C., taking seat from Conservatives for second time this fall
The federal Liberals went into Monday’s four federal byelections holding two of the four seats that were up for grabs but walked away with three, delivering a blow to the Conservatives for the second time this fall.
As It Happens Viral video of emaciated polar bear may not be what it seems, Nunavut bear monitor says
A viral video of a starving polar bear rummaging through garbage in search of food isn't necessarily the result of climate change, says local man who monitors the animals.
Canadian doctor says there's evidence the 'man flu' is actually real
Just in time for flu season, a new article in the British Medical Journal explores the science behind a debate that has annoyed sniffling, coughing men and infuriated women for years. Is the "man flu" an actual medical phenomenon? Or, are men simply whinier than women when they're sick?
Premier Kathleen Wynne sues opposition leader Patrick Brown for defamation
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is suing the Opposition leader for defamation.
Uber says 815,000 Canadians affected by data breach as investigation launched
Uber Canada said late Monday that 815,000 Canadian riders and drivers may have been affected as part of its worldwide data breach announced in November.