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Tragically Hip's Rob Baker defends news photographer ban at Kingston show
Tragically Hip guitarist Rob Baker has weighed in on the debate over the lack of media access to the band's historic concert last weekend, defending the decision to bar news photographers from the venue.
ATV-riding teen survives close call with cable on west Quebec trail video
A teenage girl from Arnprior, Ont., suffered injuries after accidentally driving her all-terrain vehicle into a steel cable strung across a private road that she had been using for almost a decade.
Ottawa surrogate delivers 5th baby to foreign parents
Hundreds of families from abroad are putting their names on long waiting lists for Canadian surrogates to carry their babies, agencies in this country say.
Analysis Sweating the small stuff: Scandals and the strange way we count government spending video
Based on what makes for a government spending scandal in this country, the rule of public funds might be thus: every dollar counts, but the smaller and selfish dollars are easier to count.
New Banff billboard promotes conspiracy theory about poisonous contrails video
A vague message on an Alberta billboard promotes a conspiracy theory about governments secretly spraying chemicals from the sky to sterilize people.