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Breaking Territories agree to health funding deal with federal government
Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest Territories have signed bilateral deals with the federal government on health-care transfers.
Rich man, poor man: A closer look at Oxfam's inequality figures video
Canada's middle class has the feeling it's being left behind. But Oxfam's measure of inequality, but those figures don't tell the whole story about the Canadian situation, critics say.
Updated Douglas Garland killed Calgary couple and grandson over 'petty grudge,' court hears
The man accused of killing a Calgary couple and their five-year-old grandson was motivated by a "petty grudge" over a patent dispute and burned their bodies in a barrel after killing them, court hears as the triple-murder trial of Douglas Garland begins.
Why a Canadian teen joined American youth in suing U.S. over climate change
All his life, Jacob Lebel has felt a special connection to the land, in rural Quebec where he was born and in Oregon where he now farms. Lebel, 19, has joined a group of American young people who are suing the U.S. government, alleging their constitutional rights are being violated because it supports the fossil fuel industry.
Istanbul nightclub shooting suspect caught, Turkish media reports video
Turkish media reports say the suspect in the Istanbul nightclub attack has been captured by police.