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'Danger Report': Real estate pros fret court could break lock on secret sales data
The Toronto Real Estate Board has appealed the Competition Tribunal's ruling that the board must stop guarding coveted sales data. TREB says it's a privacy issue. Critics say TREB is refusing to modernize.
SPECIAL REPORT CBC goes to the front lines in the battle for Aleppo
Aleppo is 'the jewel of Syria.' It's also where the government is hoping to win the Syrian civil war, writes Margaret Evans.
New Family reunification wait times for immigrants to be cut by half, John McCallum says
Immigration Minister John McCallum announced plans to reduce the wait time for family reunification to 12 months from two years.
CBC IN CUBA Graffiti artist 'El Sexto' held in Cuban detention centre for spray painting anti-Castro message
Cuban graffiti artist Danilo Maldonado continues to languish in a Cuban detention centre. His crime? On the day of Fidel Castro's death, he marked the occasion by spray painting his street name on a Havana hotel wall, along with the cheeky message 'Se fue' (He's gone).
CBC Investigates Millions of vehicles with potentially dangerous recalls still on road
Millions of vehicles in Canada, an estimated one in six, have an outstanding safety recall, and auto industry experts say not enough is being done to fix them.