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Live Justin Trudeau officially addressing Paris climate summit video
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said there is a "tremendous opportunity" for Canada to be a "purveyor of solutions that the world desperately needs" when he spoke to reporters at the Paris climate conference this morning. He has begun speaking and is carrying it live.
Go Public TD Visa customers' browsing activities open to 'surveillance' by bank video
Canada's second-biggest bank is being criticized for part of its Visa cardholder agreement that allows TD Canada Trust to access and collect information on all of its customers' online activities, even those that aren't banking-related.
Karina Wolfe death: Saskatoon police release name of accused, Jerry Constant
The man accused of killing Karina Wolfe, whose remains were found five years after she became one of Canada's missing indigenous women, is Jerry Constant, a 33-year-old registered sex offender. He made a court appearance this morning in Saskatoon after a police news conference.
New Freddie Gray trials of officers begin with 'mixed emotions' in Baltimore
The trial for the first of six police officers charged in connection with the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray in Baltimore begins Monday. In west-end neighbourhood where Gray lived, some residents say the officers must be convicted for the city to heal after the riots sparked by Gray's death in April.
PayPal, Target websites suffer outages as retailers struggle with Cyber Monday business
Users of the popular online payment processing service PayPal have reported major problems logging in or making transactions — a critical time as Cyber Monday sales are in full swing.