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First Nations families of 2 slain teens say police didn't take them seriously
It was almost dusk in Whitefish River when Cody Laboucan drove his truck into his uncle’s driveway. He didn’t know it, but he’d just stumbled upon a crime scene.
​Canadian dressage judge investigated for alleged tampering with Rio team selection
A Canadian equestrian claims she was robbed of a chance to compete at the Olympics and blames what she calls the "malicious" and "unethical behaviour" of a Canadian dressage judge whose actions are now being investigated by the sport's governing body.
Analysis Clinton, Trump and trade: The curious case of the Democrat attack dogs that didn't bark
Speaker after speaker at the Democratic convention condemned Donald Trump — but not even Bill Clinton, who fathered NAFTA, found fault with Trump's pledge to rip it up. Ditto, Hillary Clinton. This doesn't bode well for Canada.
Crown seeks 'terrorism peace bond' for couple convicted then freed in B.C. Legislature bomb plot
Crown lawyers in B.C. are seeking a peace bond to place restrictions on John Nuttall and Amanda Korody under the "fear of terrorism" section of the Criminal Code.
Hillary Clinton campaign says DNC data program they used was hacked
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign said on Friday that an analytics data program maintained by the Democratic National Committee and used by the campaign was accessed as part of a hack, but outside experts have found no evidence that its internal systems have been compromised.