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Analysis Mexico and Canada 'in this together' on NAFTA, amid Trump confusion
Over the last two weeks, Canada has joined Mexico as a "bad neighbour" of the Trump White House. As both countries look over the fence and see confusion, they're co-ordinating some of their moves. But Mexico's facing other unique challenges.
Opinion Look beyond the jesters, and you'll find real, live progressive conservatives in the CPC race: Neil Macdonald
Rick Peterson is, for example, someone who wants to govern, not entertain, and whose focus is on the economy. Which is why you've probably never heard of him.
Iconic Dad's chocolate chip cookies discontinued, customers bitter
For months, some Canadians have been searching in vain for their beloved Dad's chocolate chip cookies. CBC News has learned that the company quietly discontinued the cookie late last year.
Genetic analysis reveals origins of dog breeds
New research from the National Institutes of Health published in the journal Cell has drawn a comprehensive lineage of 161 dog breeds, forming the largest ancestral tree of Canis familiaris yet.
Analysis What Harjit Sajjan really did while serving in Afghanistan
Truth being the first casualty of war has taken a decidedly different turn with growing outrage in both the political and military community about Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan's characterization of himself as the architect of Operation Medusa.