Leading & Elected Summary

  • LIB: 22
  • PC: 5
  • GRN: 0
  • NDP: 0
  • IP: 0
  • IND: 0
Elected & Leading results last published: Oct. 3, 2011, 8:27 PM EDT 27 Seats Total

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Ghiz wins 2nd term as P.E.I. premier

The Liberal Party on P.E.I. has won another majority government, but with a slightly diminished number of seats. Oct 03 video

Crane and 4 Tories voted in

Progressive Conservative Leader Olive Crane is heading back to Province House, and she's taking four Tories with her. Oct 04

Very close races in 4 districts

Four of the 27 P.E.I. electoral districts had races in which the winner and runner-up were separated by fewer than 100 votes. Oct 03