Franklin Expedition: Exploration of HMS Erebus wreck may reveal more than artifacts

Parks Canada underwater archeologists planning their next steps in the exploration of the HMS Erebus wreck see potential for revealing more than just a treasure trove of mid-19th-century artifacts. Apr 30 video

Parks Canada juggles competing claims to Franklin shipwrecks

Parks Canada divers have recovered 55 artifacts from the wreck of HMS Erebus since it was discovered in Arctic waters in 2014. Some 18 months later, the agency is still juggling claims of control and ownership of those objects, in talks with Nunavut, the Inuit and the U.K. Mar 08 video

Watch Parks Canada's balancing act with Franklin shipwrecks claims 1:22

Franklin Expedition search: Every HMS Erebus artifact 'has a story to tell'

A fragment of HMS Erebus's wheel is one of the summer's more symbolic finds from the Franklin Expedition shipwreck, but it's only one clue toward unlocking the High Arctic mystery of exactly how Sir John Franklin's mid-19th century expedition met its demise. Oct 04

New pictures of Franklin expedition's HMS Erebus

Franklin expedition ship identified as the Erebus