Vote Compass: Analysis on supporters of each party

Conventional polls show the level of support for each political party in a given election.

These numbers do not provide much information about the potential for change, however.

For example, even if two parties have the same level of support in the polls, one party may be enjoying more solid support than another. On the other hand, a party with very little support in the polls might be the second choice of a majority of voters.

Vote Compass data is used to uncover this potential for change by measuring the solidity of each party's base of support by looking at party supporters' second choice and the possibility that they may shift their vote choice.

The first graph shows vote solidity on a scale of 1 to 10. The second graph shows voters' second choice as a percentage.

Vote solidity and voters’ second choice

  • Vote solidity (scale from 1-10)

  • Voters' second choice (in %)