5 key issues in the B.C. election campaign

A look at the key issues in B.C.'s provincial election campaign, from health care to education to the economy.

Health care

Health care not only makes headlines, it impacts all of our lives. We look at how rising costs are impacting the provincial budget, the case for rural hospitals and the fight for private care.

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The parties have pledged to focus on B.C.'s economy in varying ways. We take a look at the issues driving the economy, from skills training to tax breaks for industry.

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Education has long been a controversial issue in B.C. We delve into the strife between teachers and the province, and look at the rising cost of post-secondary education.

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Government spending

Whichever party forms government will inevitably be forced to grapple with reducing the deficit, but how? We look at spending cuts and taxation, for both individuals and corporations.

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Environmental regulation

Regulating B.C.’s oil and gas industry is a huge issue in the province. We look at how the government regulates the industry, what changes have been made, and proposed changes to the environmental regulation.

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