Leading & Elected Summary

  • LIB: 49
  • NDP: 34
  • GRN: 1
  • IND: 1
  • CON: 0
  • OTH: 0
Elected & Leading results last published: May. 15, 2013, 1:07 AM PDT 85 Seats Total

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Christy Clark leads B.C. Liberals to surprise majority

Christy Clark will head a majority B.C. Liberal government, after leading her party to a stunning come-from-behind victory, although she was unable to hold on to her own seat. May 15 video

NDP Leader Adrian Dix concedes defeat in B.C. election

B.C. NDP Leader Adrian Dix has conceded the B.C. Liberals, and not his heavily favoured party, will form the province's next government. May 15 video

Watch B.C. NDP leader concedes defeat 7:04

B.C.'s Greens win first provincial seat

The Green Party of British Columbia has won a provincial seat for the first time in history, the CBC projects, in a major breakthrough that looks set to change the political dynamic in B.C. Apr 07 video

Watch Big Green win in B.C. 7:35

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