Leading & Elected Summary

  • PC: 61
  • WRP: 17
  • LIB: 5
  • NDP: 4
  • AP: 0
Elected & Leading results last published: Apr. 25, 2012, 10:45 AM MDT 87 Seats Total

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Alberta election saw 'fear' win over 'anger'

The Conservatives' triumph in the April 23 election caught many off guard, but observers say issues ranging from questionable polling and strategic voting to concerns about social conservatism and controversial statements from Wildrose candidates led to the PC majority. Apr 24

Wildrose may reconsider some policies, Smith says

The Wildrose Party may reconsider some of the more controversial policies that didn't seem to resonate with Alberta voters, Leader Danielle Smith said one day after her party won 17 of 87 seats in the provincial election. Apr 24

Premier Alison Redford plans spring sitting

Premier Alison Redford plans to hold a spring sitting of the Alberta legislature, where, for the very first time, Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith will face her as leader of the official opposition Apr 24 video