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Senior Writer, CBC Investigations Unit

Zach Dubinsky is an investigative journalist. His reporting on offshore tax havens (including the Paradise Papers and Panama Papers), political corruption and organized crime have won multiple national and international awards. Phone: 416-205-7553. Email

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The electoral game: What would Ontario results look like under a different voting system?

Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives scored a convincing win in last week's Ontario election, taking 61 per cent of the seats — but with only 40 per cent of the vote. That outcome would look dramatically different using a different voting system.
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Police probing Vaughan ex-mayor scrutinize ties to city contractors

Provincial anti-corruption police are pondering what, if any, charges they might lay against the beleaguered former mayor and deputy mayor of Vaughan after a three-year investigation into the building of his family cottage, CBC News has learned.
CBC Investigates

CRA's Panama Papers raids targeted oilpatch fixer with half-dozen offshore companies

An Alberta businessman who has quietly been teeing up hundreds of millions of dollars in oilpatch deals for Chinese investors is the first person known to be targeted by the Canada Revenue Agency's criminal investigations into the Panama Papers, court records reveal.

As U.K. moves to shut down tax-haven secrecy, Canada seen lagging

The U.K. passed legislation on Tuesday that aims to remove the cloak of secrecy shrouding many of the British tax havens, with activists hailing it as a major victory in the fight against corruption and tax dodging.
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Cattle-rearing accountant investigated for possibly fudging 1,400 tax returns

Mohamed Ali Jesow makes cheese, speaks three languages and designed his own resort in East Africa. But the Canada Revenue Agency also alleges he may have swindled the federal treasury by submitting millions of dollars in potentially bogus expenses on his clients' tax returns.

Loblaws squares off with CRA in $400M tax fight

Loblaws and the Canada Revenue Agency faced off in Tax Court this morning over allegations that the grocery giant misused a Barbados-based subsidiary for tax avoidance — a long-running dispute that could lead to a tax bill of more than $400 million.

CRA audits just 5 Canadians out of hundreds of RBC Panama Papers accounts

Two years after it took aim at hundreds of Royal Bank clients exposed in the Panama Papers leak, the Canada Revenue Agency has decided just five cases require an audit — because the vast majority of the offshore accounts belonged to foreigners.

Mayor won't intervene in OPP investigation of 'potential violations' of election law

Mayor John Tory said Thursday he won't ask for the resignation of a city councillor who's under investigation by the OPP for possible election law violations during the 2014 campaign.

Coun. Justin Di Ciano's twin brother offered '300 in cash' to campaign donors, secret audio reveals

A Toronto city councillor's campaign manager offered to reimburse donors in cash if they donated the maximum amount allowed to his candidate, a secret audio recording now in possession of provincial anti-corruption police reveals.

CRA raids locations in Toronto, Calgary and West Vancouver in Panama Papers probe

Canada Revenue Agency officers backed up by police raid locations in three provinces as part of a criminal tax-evasion probe stemming from the Panama Papers — a sign the taxman may be preparing criminal charges against people hiding money offshore.

OPP reviewing claim developer paid $40K for polling for 2 Toronto councillors

OPP are looking into an allegation that a Toronto developer paid for more than $40,000 worth of polling and research for two Etobicoke city councillors in the last municipal election, as part of a widening review of alleged wrongdoing at city hall.

OPP probing 'possible criminal activity' in aborted $12M Toronto Parking Authority land deal

Ontario Provincial Police are investigating an aborted land deal that the City of Toronto's auditor general said was riven with conflicts of interest and had municipal taxpayers on the verge of overpaying by $2.63 million for a strip of empty property.

Loblaws in $400M tax fight with CRA over claims it set up bogus offshore bank

Loblaws and the government squared off in court today in one of the biggest offshore corporate tax-avoidance cases in the country, with authorities alleging the grocery conglomerate set up a bogus foreign bank to avoid tax on hundreds of millions of dollars in income.

$500M recouped worldwide from tax cheats due to Panama Papers — but none of it in Canada

Governments around the world say they've recovered a combined $500 million in unpaid taxes thanks to the Panama Papers leak in 2016. But none of that was in Canada, where the CRA says it will be at least 2½ more years before it can announce anything.

Millions of Canadians have pension money offshore — without knowing it

Seven of the country's so-called Big 8 pension funds, representing more than 25 million workers, have used tax havens as they invest Canadians' retirement savings, a CBC investigation reveals.