A Moroni port official captured a photo of Bahia Bakari on his cellphone soon after she was rescued. ((Sayyid Azim/Associated Press))

The sole survivor of a plane crash near the Comoros Islands has been released from a Paris hospital after nearly a month of treatment.

Bahia Bakari, whose age has been reported between 12 and 14, was discharged on Thursday after undergoing treatment and surgery, hospital officials said Friday.

Health officials have said Bahia is 12 years old and will be celebrating her 13th birthday in August.

Bahia was the only known survivor of Yemenia Airways Flight 626, which crashed into the Indian Ocean between the southeastern African coast and Madagascar while en route from the Yemeni capital of San'a to Comoros on June 30.

The other 152 passengers, including Bahia's mother, are presumed dead.

French navy officials announced Thursday black boxes from the Airbus 310 jet had been detected and will be retrieved by underwater robots in August.

Comoran authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash, which happened while the plane was trying to land in heavy winds.

Bahia clung to debris in the Indian Ocean for more than 13 hours before being rescued. She only suffered multiple bruises, minor burns and a broken collarbone.

Officials said she underwent facial and skin surgery at the Armand-Trousseau Children's Hospital since returning to France earlier this month.

The girl's father, Kassim Bakari, told reporters his daughter had been "impatient to leave" the hospital.

Officials have declined to comment on where the girl went following her hospital stay but the family keeps a home in Paris.

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