World's biggest corn maze

An aerial view of the corn maze at Cool Patch Pumpkins, in Dixon, Calif. The massive maze has left many wandering for hours and prompted some to call 911 for help. (Matt Cool/Associated Press)

The world’s biggest corn maze, in Dixon, Calif., is a popular tourist attraction for some — and a frustrating exercise that ends with a call to 911 for others.

The maze, which covers 63 acres (about 25 hectares) has been certified the world’s largest by the Guinness Book of World Records. Matt Cooley, one of the operators of the maze, says the average time to get through the maze is about two hours – and "most of the people" calling 911 have often been in there around four hours or more.

"They’re just so frustrated and so bewildered on where they are – that’s their last straw," he tells Carol Off, host of CBC’s As It Happens.

This year is worse than others, Cooley says, in part because the maze is now 20 acres (eight hectares) bigger than it used to be.

The maze is open late and the people who are out there at night are generally the ones calling 911.

"At night time, if there’s no moon out, you have no clue which direction is which."

Police used to show up when they got a 911 call – now, they just call the maze operators to let them know someone is stuck in the sprawling fields, he says.

"They end up coming out – nobody’s ever been there forever."

The maze might be smaller next year, says Cooley, who hasn't trudged through the whole thing himself yet this year.

"It's just too much."